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11 Reasons Why We Need Solar Panels in Our Homes

19 August 2022 01:00

Electricity is important in our lives,  we rely on it for so many everyday tasks. With light, warmth, cooling, technology, power tools and appliances, we consume electricity like never before. Factories, companies, businesses and services all need it to work efficiently. There is little left today that does not need electricity.

Electricity powers all of modern days technologies, appliances, businesses and services

The cost of electricity supply keeps rising with the times as the need just gets greater and greater. People have been looking for alternatives for a while as they cannot keep up with the expense.

Solar energy is a fantastic alternative and the potential is massive. To capture solar energy we need a system placed in our homes. A system which can convert the energy of the sun into an electricity supply for all our needs.

The benefits of solar panels and numerous and undeniable

In recent times, this alternative has gained traction. The benefits are numerous. Solar panels can greatly reduce our utility expenses. Photovoltaic units which capture solar energy are utilized to generate electricity or gas. These solar cells can endure rough weather and eliminate the problem of power outages.

Dependable contractors are pivotal to the success of harnessing the sun's energy. Clear Sky Energy is a reputable and knowledgeable contractor who will assist with information, upkeep and installation.

Keep reading for the advantages of solar power in your home.

1. Better For The Environment

Using solar energy is significantly better than the conventional sources of power. Air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gases and toxic waste are the result of the outdated methods of generating power with coal, oil and gas. These emissions are a health risk to us as well as the environment.

Greenhouse gases and emissions harm us and our planet

Besides these negative consequences of traditional methods, is the added disadvantage that the resources these systems use are finite and not renewable.

There is no time like the present to begin a healthier practice by installing your solar panels and enjoying the many benefits, including saving a lot of money.

More and more people are turning to solar energy out of concern for the environment and a greater awareness of the long term damage caused by traditional power sources.

The more people turn to solar energy, the more we are actually cleaning the atmosphere and improving our health. Eco-friendly homes that are energy efficient are the way forward.

2. More Economical

Saving money on electric bills is a huge advantage. Imagine how much you could save for your family when electricity is no longer such a financial burden.

Installing solar panels immediately alleviates the issue of high utility costs.

The transition to solar is relatively easy. Installation of the right solar cells in the most suitable location is key. It is surprising how much electricity can be generated by this system. All your power demands can be met for everyone in your home.

Don’t be discouraged by the initial cost of installation. The rewards thereafter make it absolutely worthwhile. The money saved can then be utilised for more meaningful objectives for your family.

3. More Dependable Electricity

We all know how unreliable traditional energy sources can be. With solar panels you gain independence by tapping the sun’s energy to generate your own power. Your own panels on your own roof, being charged by the sun. Your dependance on the grid is no longer an issue in your life.

Using renewable energy in your home is a great way to contribute to saving the environment

It is known that worldwide, 85% of the energy comes from non-renewable sources of energy. Coal, natural gas and oil are limited. These sources will eventually run out.

Solar energy is limitless, as long as the sun shines. No more utility bills and no more power cuts. You can feel confident in the knowledge that you are contributing to clean energy, less pollution and a better environment for everyone.

4. Less Upkeep

The upkeep of solar panels is a lot easier than people think. Many hassle-free years will go by before you will need to do any maintenance. The maintenance is also reasonably simple and easy to execute.

Maintenance of solar panels is simple and they have a long life expectancy

The only real maintenance is the cleaning of dust or accumulated dirt. Hiring a cleaner is enough to take care of your panels and of course, doing it yourself is a cost-free option. This is all that is needed to maintain your reliable and independent system.

5. Concessions and Motivation

Some areas offer discounts of 50% or more for contributing to clean energy. Speak to your local professionals to submit requests for this incentive. Using these special offers helps you to further reduce your initial costs.

6. Raising The Value Of Your Home

Thinking about the future requires a little foresight. When it comes to selling your home one day, you will be at a great advantage. The value of your property will be substantially higher than when you were dependent on the grid. This is when doing the right thing actually rewards you with financial gain.

Installing solar panels in your home will dramatically increase its value

Next time you consider renovating, remodelling or upgrading your home, solar panels should be your first priority. In this time of ‘green awareness’, it just makes more sense for home buyers to look for energy-efficient homes. Solar panels are a more ethical and energy-efficient choice and can even be the deal maker when choosing between two homes, one of which has solar panels. In other words, you will be making a solid investment when installing a solar energy system.

7. Installation Is Simple

Installation can be done in stages according to your budget. It is possible to begin this transition with a smaller system and later progress to a larger one.

Another distinctive advantage of home solar systems is the ability to have access to this system even in remote areas. If you are living in an isolated area, solar panels can save the day and make your life more comfortable and cost-efficient. When connecting to the grid is not feasible, practical or financially viable, the solar panel alternative is a game changer.

Installing solar panels is easily done when using the correct professionals

8. Potential Earnings

Once you are an established solar energy user, you have the opportunity to earn money from excess electricity generated by your system. This lucrative incentive is called ‘net metering’, where credits are awarded for excess power which is then added to the grid.

This actually serves as a reward for clean energy usage. Although this incentive is adopted worldwide, different areas have different point systems. In the UK 7.6% of energy comes from home systems.

Some electricity corporations claim that net metering interferes with their profits but most acknowledge that it is actually very helpful when they are overloaded with demand and they can rely on these contributions of power to lessen their load.

9. Warranties And Guarantees

Solar systems come with substantial performance guarantees. Solar companies tend to offer up to 25-year warranties. This just shows how confident they are of longevity. The consumer can enjoy this advantage and be hassle-free and unafraid of system failure.

This said, the consumer should make sure that the company is reputable and well established. The warranties are good as long as the company exists. It is always good to do your research and choose the best company in your area.

10. Saving Money

Because the sun has unlimited energy, there is no danger of inflated costs for power and fluctuations in the money market. Your initial costs may be high, but the long-term investment is so substantial, it makes perfect financial sense. Take advantage of the fact that higher usage does not equate to higher cost. Your supply is continuous and low maintenance.

The savings accumulated from using solar panels is not just in your own pocket, but your country as well

According to Forbes magazine, solar energy will just keep getting better. This means that solar parts and equipment will start getting cheaper. Soon it will be accessible to everyone and the more accessible it is, the more affordable it will become.

11. The Future Of Solar Energy

Tesla, the famous American electric car company has just revealed a new electric truck called the Cybertruck. This means the old diesel-powered trucks are now running on solar electricity. This too, will slowly become more accessible to the masses. More appliances, cars, trucks and machines will soon be using solar power. Traditional energy sources will soon be a thing of the past.

The Tesla Cybertruck - the future of logistics


Considering all we have mentioned so far, it is clear that the positives are so numerous that it would be negligent not to move forward toward a green energy future that benefits all of humanity and the environment on which we depend.