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MVHR Systems for Homebuilders

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

A Cost Effective Solution to New Build Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems are a cost effective solution to ventilate new homes and meet current Building Regulations.

The ventilation units can recover between 70-90% of the heat normally lost through trickle vents and other breakout points in building structure.

Efficient Units Which Create a Healthier Indoor Environment

Designed to completely change all the air in the property at least every two hours continually replacing the stale, damp air, with fresh, warmed, clean, filtered air.

This creates a healthier indoor environment, alleviating allergy sufferers.

Quiet, Durable Units

The casing of the unit is constructed from double skinned galvanised steel sheet with thermal insulation, and is very quiet in operation.

The large heat exchanger either crossflow, rotary wheel or counterflow is manufactured from aluminium, giving both high efficiency and longevity.

No noisy extractor fans or draughty trickle vents are needed in the windows, greatly reducing noise pollution and heat loss.

Instalation in a Variety of Locations

MVHR units can be installed in the roof space, in the kitchen, in a high level cupboard or alternatively the unit can be wall mounted. Dependent on the type of installation, some units are suitable for use with a cooker-hood.

All systems incorporate user friendly controls.

Benefits of an MVHR System

  • Convenient: fresh air around the clock Healthy: optimum climate - without a draught Efficient: reduces heating costs
  • Value preservation: no mould
  • Hygienic: no harmful substances in the air
  • Allergy-friendly: thanks to high-quality supply air filters
  • Pleasant: fast extraction of unpleasant smells from the kitchen, toilet and all other rooms
  • Easy: no window ventilation necessary
  • Relaxing: enjoy fresh air without the noise from the street coming through open windows
  • Increase value: with the latest building standards

How Does an MVHR System Work?

The basic principle: stale air is extracted and fresh air is brought in from outside. The fresh air is cleaned by filters and preheated via heat exchangers (which take heat from the extracted air). The exchange of air occurs continuously; the need to open all the windows wide at frequent intervals becomes a thing of the past. The result: a consistently perfect indoor climate – at the desired temperature!

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