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Underfloor Heating for Homebuilders

Energy efficient, consistent and all-round comfortable heat

A Popular Choice for New Build Properties

There are many benefits of underfloor heating that make it a perfect choice for a new heating system. It maintains a constant, comfortable and even heat that is highly cost-efficient to run and easy to control. Maintenance is minimal compared with radiators and it also frees up valuable wall space eliminating furniture/decorating compromises. It can also add value to the property.

Underfloor Heating Provides a Constant, Even Heat

Straightforward and Cost Effective on New Build Projects

UFH is cost-effective and simple to install as part of a new build project, fitting neatly into the build schedule. We can time the installation to fit with the schedule of your project, working with you to install underfloor heating seamlessly into your project.

Bespoke Design and Installation Service for the Whole House

We provide a single source of expert knowledge and advice and we can supply a range of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for your project.
Our bespoke design service can cover everything from preliminary discussions, through to computer generated heat loss calculations, zone drawings, to final installation.
We approach every new project with a blank sheet of paper. This means each individual part of your energy system is engineered to work together seamlessly and give you the greatest levels of efficiency.

Bespoke Design and Installation UFH Service
Easily Integrated with an Air Source Heat Pump

Easily Integrated with an Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump is the perfect partner for underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is more efficient than radiators as it works at much lower flow temperatures. This makes it ideal for heat pumps which provide optimum efficiency at low temperatures, therefore reducing the cost of heating even further.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Easy to install on a new build project
  • Energy Efficient therefore reducing fuel bills
  • Consistent all-round comfort as it maintains a constant comfortable heat Flexibility in room temperature with each room having it’s own thermostat
  • Can be used with most floor surfaces
  • Low maintenance (unlike radiators, valves and pipework)
  • Ideal for open plan living due to its aesthetic qualities and where space is at a minimum
  • More Hygienic as underfloor heating can reduce the amount of dust mites present by up to 80%
  • Can be heated by a range of heat sources including gas boilers, oil boilers, solid fuel or renewable sources such as heat pumps and solar
Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Local Experts

We provide impartial industry advice on renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and deliver a high-quality solution for your project, including:








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