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Air Source Heat Pumps for Homebuilders

Heat your home and hot water from the air outside

Super Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

An Air Source Heat Pump draws in heat freely from the air outside and transfers this into useable heat inside. This heat is used to heat radiators, underfloor heating, hot water, and warm air convectors in your home.

Unlike ground source heat pumps, an Air Source Heat Pump works on hot or cold days and can extract heat efficiently from temperatures right down to -20ºC. Designed well, it will provide all your heating and hot water needs 365 days a year.

Air Source Heat Pumps are Super Efficient
Heat Pumps are the Choice for New Builds

The Heating Solution for New Build Properties

Heat pumps are becoming the heat energy of choice for new build properties and self-builders. A heat pump’s ability to meet a wide range of needs makes them an ideal heating system for a wide range of projects, however large or small.

SAP Assessment Contribution

As many customers may already know, passing SAP calculations is not a given these days. Specifying a heat pump as the intended heating system will score favourably when going through SAP assessment. Specifying a heat pump to Building Control will help to get the proposed build approved and reflect positively on energy bills and other aspects of build requirements.

SAP Assessment Contribution
Heat Pump Install Easily on New Builds

Installed Effectively into Your Project

Heat pump installations are much more straightforward on new builds, we can arrange for installation to be timed with the project of the build, in order to reduce inconvenience and, potentially, lower cost.

In addition, considering a heat pump system instead of a ground source heat pump when designing a new build ensures that suitable locations for the external heat pump unit, the internal hot water cylinder, and the pipework in between can be suitably homed.

Well Suited with Underfloor Heating

Considering an underfloor heating system for your new build? Heat pumps are well suited to underfloor heating which is popular in new builds and self-build projects.

Underfloor heating systems will usually require heat at around 35 degrees, which is notably cooler than that provided by traditional gas and oil boilers – this causes a problem. On the other hand, a correctly designed heat pump will produce temperatures specifically for underfloor heating which maximises the efficiency of both the underfloor heating and the heat pump system.

Again, this will reduce running costs but will also lessen the risks of any problems with the underfloor heating pipe.

Heat Pumps Are Well Suited to Underfloor Heating
Peace of Mind Working with a Credible Company

Peace of Mind Working with a Credible Company

We adhere to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). Whether you say central heating system or space heating pump, all of our products fully meet the MCS requirements for claiming payments under the Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

Thus, you enjoy a heating system with low carbon heating and low carbon emissions in cold weather.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

The working of air source heat pumps is quite different from the air conditioning unit. They operate rather like a refrigerator in reverse, absorbing heat from the outside air into a working fluid which is passed into a compressor, where its temperature is increased before it is transferred via a heat exchanger into the heating and hot water circuits of the building.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

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