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Solar PV Battery Storage for Homes

Get the most out of your solar energy

Store Now. Use Later

A battery storage system enables you to store the surplus electricity generated by your solar panels during the day to use at night or when there is a demand for power.

Solar Battery Storage enables you to get the most out of your solar energy, reducing your electricity costs further and reliance on the grid.

Solar PV Battery Storage
Solar PV Battery Bespoke Storage Solutions

Solar PV Battery Storage Solutions

We offer bespoke solar battery storage solutions that can either integrate with your existing Solar PV system or be installed as a combined solution with a new array.

Matching solar batteries to your energy demands and current solar panel system size (if applicable) ensures that you can not only use more of the excess power that would otherwise be exported back to the Grid but also maximise your financial savings over the lifetime of the battery.

Increased Self-Sufficiency and Protection From Future Power Cuts

Storing and using more of your own self-generated electricity means that you are buying less electricity from the Grid and therefore more self-sufficient.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, having stored electricity in lithium-ion batteries readily available onsite also reduces risks against power shortages and power cuts, keeping your lighting operating during such eventualities.

In the event of a power cut, the solar battery storage systems would disconnect from the grid automatically and the solar panels would continue to charge the batteries. This would mean that you can still enjoy the power to your critical appliances such as lighting and some sockets during power outages.

Increased Self-Sufficiency From Future Power Cuts
Solar Battery Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring

The solar battery system that we install has high storage capacity offers a state-of-the-art wi-fi monitoring system that you can use to check your system's performance.

You can convert and direct your solar power to where it is needed when it is needed giving you total control and greater returns on investment.

The Benefits of a Solar PV Battery Storage System

  • Enjoy massive savings of up to 80% on your utility bills when you combine Solar PV with battery storage
  • Using Solar PV battery storage means that you will have very little need for electricity from the national grid
  • Solar energy day and night, store now and use later
  • High-quality lithium batteries offer an extended lifespan
  • Battery Storage systems can be retrofitted to most Solar PV systems
  • Your FIT Export Tariff remains unaffected
  • The solar panel systems are easy to install
  • Our Battery Storage systems are installed with a user-friendly control panel
Benefits of a Solar PV Battery Storage System
How Does Solar PV Battery Storage Work

How Does it Work?

Until recently solar energy for own power consumption could only be used during the day when your Solar PV panels are generating electricity. After dark, electricity had to be bought from the grid and stored in solar batteries.

Solar battery storage allows you to collect and store the surplus solar energy that your Solar PV system generates and enables you to use it at any time during the day AND night, or when there is a demand for power.

With ever-increasing energy bills, a solar Battery Storage system ensures that you will have very little reliance on the national grid, allowing you to get the most out of your solar energy.

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