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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) for Homebuilders

Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight

An Ideal Time to Install Solar PV

New builds are an ideal time for developers and self-builders to install solar.

Building standards require most new build projects to include some form of renewable energy technology.

Solar PV offers one of the most practical and cost effective renewable energy solutions. This enables self builders and new build developers to increase the sustainability rating of a new build property and reduce carbon emissions.

Solar PV on New Builds
SAP Calculations

SAP Assessment Contribution

As many customers may already know, passing SAP calculations is not a given these days. Specifying Solar PV will score favourably when going through SAP assessment. Specifying Solar PV to Building Control will help to get the proposed build approved and reflect positively on other aspects of build requirements.

Installed Effectively into Your Project

Solar PV installations are much more straightforward on new builds, we can arrange for the installation to be timed with the project of the build, in order to reduce inconvenience and, potentially, lower cost.

Solar PV is Very Straightforward on New Builds
Solar PV Bespoke Design and Installation Service

Bespoke Design and Installation Service for the Whole-House

We provide a single source of expert knowledge and advice, and we can supply a range of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for your project.

Our bespoke design service can cover everything from preliminary discussions, through to computer generated calculations and drawings, to final installation.

We approach every new project with a blank sheet of paper. This means each individual part of your energy system is engineered to work together seamlessly and give you the greatest levels of efficiency.

Benefits of Solar PV on New Build Properties

  • Contributes to SAP assessment requirements
  • Easy to install on new build projects
  • A cost effective renewable energy solution
  • Protection against ever rising energy prices
  • Reductions in carbon footprint helps to protect the environment
  • Solar panels are low maintenance and have a long life expectancy
Benefits of Solar PV on New Build Properties
Peace of Mind Working with a Credible Company

Peace of Mind Working with a Credible Company

We adhere to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). All of our products fully meet the MCS requirements.

How Does it Work?

In a single hour, the sun transmits more energy to the earth’s surface than the world uses in a year.

Installed on a roof, solar panels capture light and convert it into electricity, making it a cost-effective way to produce energy. You don’t need to live somewhere sunny because solar needs only light not heat. Solar panels still work on cloudy days.

The output from the panels is DC. This current is fed into a unit called an inverter, which converts the DC into AC. From the inverter, the AC is fed down to the main distribution board or consumer unit where it connects to the electrical system ready for use, or to be exported back to the national electricity grid.

How Does Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Work

Local Experts

We provide impartial industry advice on renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and deliver a high-quality solution for your project, including:








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